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Escape Rooms Norcos For Events, Famlies & Youth Groups in CA

Ying and yang image


Black and White. The fact is that opposing forces actually complement each other. Life, relationships, everything that happens is never black and white. Only together will you be able to escape this room. Are you ready for Yin and Yang?

Location: Norco

Mystery Motel


Location: Norco

You are investigating a Serial Killer for a once in a lifetime story and you have found where he is! Do you have the courage to enter the unkown room and try to find your proof, or will you walk away. The police are on his tail and if you want the exclusive information and to tell this once in a lifetime story then you have 60 min to get in and get out before you are caught!

Mystery Motel
Jungle Room
Hiker Cabin


Location: Norco

Having heard mysterious sound of drums, your friends and you decided to drop into an abandoned garret. Then you suddenly found yourself involved in a game. Strange sounds and mysterious animals appear from different sides. Not only game result, but your future depends on your steps.

Now Open!

Location: Norco

“No one’s quite like the town's strongest hunter, be it obsession or popularity. But ever since his fiancé rejected his proposal and disappeared into the woods, the hunter has been acting very strangely and has spent weeks secluded in his cabin. Some of the other hunters and town folk have gone to check on him, only to never return. So, you decide to hike out to his cabin to find out the truth for yourself. You find the cabin unlocked with no one inside, but as soon as you enter, the door slams shut locking behind you. You notice a stange timer above the door and realize you only have one hour to escape the cabin before He returns."

Cabin in the Woods

The New Jungle room is now open in our Norco Location!  

Can you play the game to its conclusion and escape the Jungle or will you be stuck in the game!

Are you ready to play?

The Motel Mystery is now open in Norco. 
Click Book now to see availability and description of room.

Can you play the game to its conclusion and escape all the rooms or will you be stuck in the game!

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