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Uncover the clues to escape before time runs out

Starts at $35/- per person

DAB Escape Rooms For Friends, Team Building, Clubs & More

Intriguing & exciting escape rooms for families, friends, company events, team building, youth groups, clubs, special events & more!

Will you make it out, or get lost in the game?

Are You Ready?

Here at D.A.B. Escape Room, we’ll go out of our way to challenge you. Our team of designers and game masters have created the perfect rooms for families, friends, tourists, co-workers and for special events.


Our Escape Rooms

2 people playing board game

Jungle Room

Location: Norco

Mystery Motel

Motel Mystery

Location: Norco

ying and yang image

Ying & Yang

Location: Norco

Cabin in the Woods

Hiker Cabin

Location: Norco

DEA text


Location: Corona

the cure - text


Location: Corona

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Looking for a new and exciting group or couples activity? Escape rooms are the perfect place to provide a team-building, challenging and stimulating adventure. As you solve our puzzles and missions, you’ll learn a few things about yourself and the people you’re locked-in with. Can you solve the clues and put the pieces together to get out?

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Conveniently located in the I.E

The first Escape rooms in the city of Norco and Corona.  Close enough from Orange County, San Bernardino and L.A!

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Groups: 2 -10 Players (check room max).

Couples: Why settle for dinner and a movie? Add excitement to your date!

Corporate teams: Learn to work together and work on your team-building skills!

Families: Spend 60 minutes working together while bonding and learning from each other!

"It was awesome, so much fun, and the staff was great. Totally gone try the other escape rooms that they have available. Try it! You will enjoy it!!"

- Cindy

Uncover the clues to escape before time runs out

The perfect escape rooms for families, friends, tourists, co-workers, and for special events.

Starts at $35/- per person

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